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Innovative Problem Solving

We show you the complete set of problem solving strategies necessary to solve all of the problems in this semester. We call these strategies the Five Wonders of the Problem Solving World. Apply these five strategies and in just one semester it can make you an expert problem solver. This replaces the one at a time piecemeal approach to problems that is devoid of any strategy at all.

More Innovations

A new coordinate chemistry approach which makes remembering chemistry simple. Meet interesting characters who help you learn chemistry problem solving, like the wild and crazy lab instructor Dr. Stein. The Problem Center which shows you the step by step solution to hundreds of problems. The use of color coordination and navigational graphics which makes it easier to follow the discussion. Innovations to enable you to achieve your dreams.

Classroom in an eBook!

It is not just a what you see is what you get electronic version of a physical book. It has the look and feel of the classroom experience. It can be difficult at times to determine whether you are reading a book or attending a class. It's the first "Classroom in an eBook!" eBook.

Puts The Fun Back In Learning

The important material you need when under a tight schedule in a high quality and easy to use graphical format. Just the essentials to help you solve those chemistry problems in a step by step process. High impact visual learning designed for the way you learn best. And many other entertaining surprises. Rediscover that learning does not have to be boring.

Won't Make You Go Broke

Buy the book for just $14.99 for a whole semester equivalent of tutoring. One of those rare deals in life that are too good and true. It is available at the iBooks store for your iPad or Mavericks equipped Mac. Download the free sample or buy it now to achieve higher grades even sooner. Just don't be the last one in your class to outwit The Evil Test Maker.

This Changes Everything

It's like nothing you ever experienced before in a book, or in a chemistry classroom. The most significant change to chemistry education since The Elders lost control. Use these strategies and tactics to solve chemistry problems and the teacher will be coming to you for help. Contains strategies and techniques to solve chemistry problems never before seen by the public. It will be an eye popping experience.
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